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The Loudest Boat in the World

Motorhead’s Motorboat is the ultimate music festival and cruise vacation for Motorheadbangers from around the globe!

Our maiden voyage conquered the Caribbean over 4 days and nights with no-holds-barred rock and roll from the best and loudest bands in the world, and now we’re primed and ready to do it all over again!

Your adventures onboard the ship will feature dozens of amazing concerts by an unparalleled lineup of artists, meet and greets, Q&A sessions, contests, games, insane parties, theme nights and a host of other rockin’ events and activities!

The Motorboat will offer you luxurious staterooms, first class service, countless dining options, bars-o-plenty, casino, spa, hot-tubs, pool, fitness center and more!

A luxurious ship, amazing service, tons of food and drink, plus Motorhead’s legendary brand of music & mayhem throughout!

Get ready for some incredible memories and once in a lifetime musical experiences. Motorhead’s Motorboat will deliver!

Resistance is futile! Let’s do this ship!